6 Types Of Bralettes Under $20

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Cheap and affordable bralettes that is a must-have in your collection! 

Some of you may be wondering what exactly are bralettes and they are basically an unpadded and wire-free bras that is comfortable and laid-back. 

It's versatility fits right with many different outfits - you can pair it with an outerwear (bomber/denim jackets etc) or just wear it just by itself! Go for the youthful streetwear look with our best-selling bralettes that's just under $20. 

Here are the 6 different types of bralettes popular among our happy customers:


1. Lace Caged Bralette in Black

Lace caged bralette in black

(Colours: Black/White)

The Lace Caged Bralette has a very sexy appeal to it. With its beautiful lace and caged details, it adds an extra spice to your outfit! It is unpadded and has an elastic band for easy day-to-day wear. Wear it as it is, pair it up with a denim jacket or just lounge around at home. We highly recommend this beautiful blended intimate wear due to its versatility. Here we have one of our influencers rocking our bralette! 

Lace caged bralette in black - Danielah

Photo credits: @dani3lah

Price: $16 USD (U.P. $22 USD)


2. Choker Neck Bralette in Black

(Colours: Black/White)

A bralette and a choker, what more can you ask for? The Choker Neck Bralette is one of the best-sellers among our customers. It's edgy, comfortable and sexy! We highly recommend this bralette if you are looking for something unique. Check out an influencer styling it out with the bralette.

Choker Neck Bralette in Black

Photo credits: @valegoddd

Price: $16 USD (U.P. $22 USD)



3. Crochet Crop Top

(Colours: Khaki/Black/White)

Our Crochet Crop Top is perfect for a day out in the beach! A great alternative to your normal swim suit or bikini. A comfy and beautiful bralette for a one-size-fits-all! This bralette has a more decent coverage and will look awesome just on its own. Checkout this beautiful influencer in our bralette (it literally fits like a glove!)

Photo credits: @6kenza

Price: $18 USD (U.P. $22 USD)



4. Push-Up Bandage Bralette

push up bandange bralette

The Push-Up Bandage Bralette is made for women who are bold and edgy. Made of comfortable cotton and polyester material, this bralette is simple and minimalistic. The monochrome design will enhance your inner baddie personality and confidence. Check out this flamboyant influencer wearing the bralette.

Push-up bandage bralette angievicario 

Photo credits: @angievicario

Price: $16 USD (U.P. $24 USD)



5. Flower Triangle Bralette 

(Colours: Black/White)

You can never go wrong with a simple bralette. Our Flower Triangle Bralette is one of the basic staples in our collection. Just an easy throw on for an everyday lounge at home. We believe in providing comfort and versatility in our bralettes and this definitely fit the bill! Check out our influencer getting cozy in our bralette. 

Photo credits: @rosedust82

Price: $16 USD (U.P. $24 USD) 



6. Velvet Bralette in Wine Red


(Colours: Wine Red/Royal Blue)

Last but not least, we have something a little different - velvet bralettes! In fact, it is the comfiest among all our other bralettes due to its soft material. This bralette has a front closure, is unwired and padded. We highly recommend this for you girls whose feeling feminine and sexy. Here's how it looks like on one of our influencers!

Velvet bralette in wine red

Photo credits: @didargh

Price: $18 USD (U.P. $24 USD)



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